Street Boy Life

The video commences with a boy who is crying due to the hardships he faced. A young man approaches him and provides him words of encouragement by shedding some light on his personal experience which revolves around the idea of how he transformed from a so-called "Street Boy" to a Good Citizen.

Child Trafficking

This video sheds light on the burning issue of child trafficking. This video portrays the children from rural areas that have fallen victim to the sweet words of the trafficker and are now abused physically, mentally and sexually.

Child Marriage

Child Marriage CWIN NepalThis video aims to enlighten its viewers about the dangers of child marriage and how you can save yourself from it and prevent it from happening through the use of a little girl named 'Sapna'.

Earthquake Disaster and Its impact on Children

This video depicts the aftermath of a natural disaster like the earthquake and the effect that it causes, specially on children. The video shows three children that are affected by the disaster in the form of child labor, child trafficking and child abuse.