A typical proprietor is probably fed up by people lecturing him about the role of a logo in a business. The reason behind the paramount importance of the logo lies in the fact that logos are considered the heart of branding, and it possesses the ability to capture and promote recognition among the intended audience.

To come up with a good logo is an enormous task, and it is the Achilles heel of many entrepreneurs. How can you create something that looks simple yet screams complexity? How can you communicate if you’re not saying anything? How can you trigger the minds of people who don’t want to hear you out? And mostly, how can you persuade them in believing that you are the best? Every logo is plagued with these questions, and only those who can completely justify oneself through these questions are successful in creating an astounding brand image.


Before one dives into the recent trends of logo design in Nepal, it is necessary to get acquainted with the different types of logos that are in use. Some companies prefer the use of a mascot to convey the intended message. For instance, take the example of KFC. In the context of educational institutions, the emblem system of the logo is in extensive use. These logos are a bit intricate, but if one wishes to play with simplicity, then the Letter mark, and the Pictorial mark is the best way to go.


With the booming growth in the number of companies in Nepal, there is a vicious battle among companies to differentiate themselves from their competitors and attract the desired customer base. One such company that specializes in the creation of custom Company logo and designs is Genius Designs. The professional logo designers of Genius Designs cater to the needs of the clients and provides flawless service as per the budget and requirements. With 10 years of experience in Data-Driven Marketing in Nepal, Niroj Vaidya a creative designer with an innovative team in Genius Designs located at Nayabazar, Kathmandu has been providing various digital marketing and IT services to its vulnerable clients and customers in Nepal.


The usage of Logos in Nepal can be seen from ancient times, all the way to the present. There are big companies that have embraced the simplicity of the Letter mark and yet perfectly captured their audience. Take an example of Chaudhary Group and think about the impact that it has on its customers. Some companies have decided to go all out and have made logos that are a blend of many logo designs, and still have failed miserably. Wasn’t the logo attractive? Wasn’t it able to catch the eyes of the audience? Well, the crucial thing is that along with the proper logo design other factors like appropriate marketing strategy and branding is vital for the success of a business.

In a nutshell, Logo designing in Nepal has grown from a mostly neglected topic to develop into a vital aspect of a business which can easily comprehend what the company’s mission and vision are and simultaneously attract customers. Any growing company that wishes to develop further must understand that logo design is an important aspect, but it solely doesn’t contribute towards the further development of a business, and the usage of other tools of marketing are also needed.

With the goal providing excellent performance and to translate the experience, knowledge, and abilities in Data-driven and digital marketing specific Genius Designs aims to value for the all the organization and to leave a mark in Digital Marketing Industry.

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